We are Siddhivinayak Skyscrapers Pvt. Ltd. Company, established under the Siddhivinayak’ Group and one of the Maharashtra’s fast developing industrial and commercial real estate dealing company with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Jalgaon. The company deals with acquiring, liaisoning and developing industrial, agricultural and residential lands. Our professionals deal with project and property management throughout the Maharashtra for nominated companies.

If the proof of the pudding lies in tasting it as they say. Then we have all that it takes to categorically state that we have been witness to our clients making successful investments that have proven to yield great returns. For when you invest in Real estate, it’s not about investing your money. It’s all about investing in your dreams.Establishing trends in the industrial and commercial real estate sector while catering to a host of prestigious clients, who are distinguished names growing at an accelerated pace. And it’s not without good reason. For our strength lies in our people, who have the experience and the expertise to furnish you with all advice regarding acquiring, liasoning and developing industrial, agricultural and residential lands.For we cater to total ‘Project and Property Management Solutions’ all over Maharashtra for nominated companies.What’s more? Our services are noted for their punctuality and lucrativeness. Whether it’s a sale or a purchase of plots and projects. Whether it’s for residential, industrial or for rolex replica watches agricultural use. Siddhivinayak Sky Scrapers caters to all amenities while developing a land – residential or commercial real estate. And, all of this at your comfort and your convenience.

Services we offered for Land Acquisition

    1. Identification
    2. Documentation
    3. Search
    4. Conversions
    5. Agreements
    6. Registration Agreement to sale/sale deeds
    7. Mutation
    8. Possession

  • Legal consultation & legal search & Liasoning
    1. Route Measurement
    2. Cadastral measurement
    3. TLR land Measurement(private)
    4. Government TLR land measurement for C-copy
    5. Peg marking & chinage marking
    6. Cement pole corridor marking
    7. Compounding with cement poles

  • DCI permission from State Government
    1. Forest Land
    2. Adivasi Land
    3. Ceiling Land
    4. Trust Land
    5. Tenancy Land
    6. Project Affected Land

  • N.A.Industrial & N. A. Temporary & permanent permission from revenue dept
    1. Revenue land, nallah, bridges & village road crossing clearances
    2. PWD crossings & bridges
    3. Zillah parishad & road crossing & bridges
    4. Gram panchayat clearances & road crossing
    5. Zoning clearances

  • State Electricity Tower line crossings & HT / LT / Domestic & Agriculture line shifting clearances
  • Local authorities like gram panchayat NOC & proceedings clearances (S) Tree cutting permissions of scheduled trees from forest & non scheduled trees from revenue dept
  • Irrigation dept. Permission & canal crossings clearances
  • Land availabity for excavation of earth material from revenue dept

  • Royalty permission from collector, SDM & Tahasildar, mining dept
  • Pollution control board clearances
  • Political & ministerial liasoning
  • Stationary & other files requirements
  • Vehicle support

Services we offered for Projects

  • Confirmation letter in favor of Company

  • Application letter to MIDC

  • Offer letter

  • Allotment letter

  • Lease deed & possession

Other Services we Offered

Think of raw coal and think of the Coal Mining Industry, which is huge in itself. Added to this is the fact that raw coal is a raw material that’s required in the manufacturing processes – directly or indirectly – in many industries. There’s no denying the added leverage that comes with owning land rich in coal reserves. The Industrial revolution and technology innovation are the two strong forces that have taken the industry to new highs. Making it possible for coal mining service providers to offer quality services with economies in cost. Our mission: to provide for excellence in quality of mining services. Organizing regular training for our work force and implementing the latest in technology while moving towards growth. Needless to say of maintaining quality standards, taking care of the safety of our workers and most significantly dedicating ourselves to delighting our customers.

Call it an essential must in the steel industry. We are of course talking of the lime stone and dolomite that we supply to myriad industries. For those in the dark, limestone is the sedimentary rock that contains the mineral calcite. Catering to a slew of manufacturing processes, the mines of the Siddhivinayak Group are located at prominent places in Maharashtra. Serving up high quality lime stone we are reliable for the quality, durability and the ideal combinations of minerals in the deposits.