The time has come when some rumination by the Indian Media is required Many people, not only those in authority but even ordinary people, have started saying that the media have become irresponsible and wayward, and need to be reined in.

Media came into existence around the 1780s with the introduction of newspapers, and since then it has matured by leaps and bounds. It has played a very important role in shaping human minds.

Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of a democracy. Media makes us aware of various social, political and economical activities happening around the world. It is like a mirror, which shows us or strives to show us the bare truth and harsh realities of life.

The media also exposes the loopholes in the democratic system, which ultimately helps the government to fill the vacuums of these loopholes and to make the system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly. A democracy without media is like a vehicle without wheels.

From being just an informer it has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the passage of time it has become a more matured and a more responsible entity. The present media revolution has helped people in making informed decisions, and this has led to beginning of a new era in a democracy. That’s why Siddhivinayak Group has decided to enter into media field. Mr.Kundan Dhake the founder of the group get inspired by social responsibilities towards society formed company named Siddhivinayak Infomedia Pvt.Ltd. in 2014.With its presence across media and geographies, Siddhivinayak Group is one of the leading diversified media entities in India.

Some of our adventures in Media Field


Janashakti is the oldest, largest read Marathi language Newspaper in Jalgaon, Khandesh Region. It was founded by a Trust Lead by Freedom Fighter Brijlal Bhuta Patil on January 17, 1956 in Jalgaon Town of Maharashtra. The word JANASHAKTI means People’s Power. In 2014, Janashakti is acquired By Siddhivinayak Infomedia Pvt Ltd which is a Company owned by Mr.Kundan Dhake and also a editor of Janashakti.

As a founder Editor he changes the definition of Janashakti into a people oriented, youth centric and dynamic newspaper.Janashakti is known for a powerful editorial team that generates solid content which acts as the benchmark for competition.Janshakti is the market leader in terms of average daily circulation in the Marathi daily newspaper segment in Maharashtra . Janshakti has 8 Marathi editions covering entire Maharashtra. Janshakti is published from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Pune, Pcmc, Jalgaon, Nandurbar & Dhule.

Janshakti has made significant achievements in educating rural illiterate masses and making them aware of all the events that are taking place in their language. Coverage of exploitative malpractices of village heads and moneylenders has helped bring stringent actions upon them by attracting the government’s attention.

Some of our Best Characteristics

  • Its an One of the competitive Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra.
  • Janshakti is one of the most popular newpaper in Maharashtra. Its unbiased, fearless, futuristic & public oriented.
  • Janshakti takes effort to give upto date information & news in entertainment, sports, local, ecommerce, classifieds, startup investments, local partnerships, and more.
  • Janshakti Internet has led the Infomedia revolution in Maharashtra.
  • In addition, we are also helping global organizations keen to expand their reach in Maharshtra using our online media platforms.
  • The news paper has always supported the cause of common people. The issues of infrastructure, sanitation, pollution, education, women’s rights etc have always found prime position in its pages.
  • Janashakti is digital content provider in regional Marathi language which provides online Marathi news and articles.
    For Marathi news readers Janashakti believes that there is a greater need to create a content, which can be utilized to the full potential of digital medium.
  • Janashakti online is looking to provide digital content in Marathi 24/7 from web or its own app.
  • Siddhivinayak Group made its foray in the entertainment sector through its subsidiary Entertainment entities for production and distribution of films and television content. It already released its first Marathi film “ Zari ” on 9’th June 2017.
  • As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group is engaged in various social initiatives aimed to help the poor and needy.

Mantralaya Live

Everyone is curious about how does the state govern? But there is very slight information about the ministry from which the Maharashtra government runs. In this, various government decisions, cabinet decisions / Ordinances are intolerable for the general public. But in traditional media, there is not much space for Mantralaya without major political developments. Considering the exact same thing, we are presenting the ‘MantralayLive’ Portal with us.

It is a unique & first it kind non government initiative in India which bridges the gap between Government & Comman Man. It will initially Focus the happening of the Government of Maharashtra.

Features of Mantralaya Live

  • Government Decisions
  • In Dept Analysys by Experts
  • Discussion of New Policies
  • Its impact on Society

It give focus of news in all sphere of related issues i.e party politics, parliament working,cabinet meetings,about various department of government like home,agriculture,school education, medicine administration,civil supply & consumer protection,health & finance etc.

Mantralayalive is Non-Profit initiative of Siddhivinayak Infomedia Pvt.Ltd. Today, the Internet has spread widely, and even the media has reached all over the state. Using this, our main aim is to bring transparency to the performance of the state government.There is no doubt that ‘MantralayLive’ will be used to highlight problems in rural areas but not in urban areas. In a sense, our sole aim of communicating with the public and the administration is our goal. In this we expect everyone to cooperate with us.