Agriculture Sector of Indian Economy is one of the most significant part of India. Agriculture is the only means of living for almost two-thirds of the employed class in India. Agriculture is still the only largest contributor to India’s GDP. Agriculture also plays a significant role in the growth of socio-economic sector in India. India holds the second largest agricultural land in the world. India is the largest producer of spices, pulses, milk, tea, cashew and jute; and the second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and oilseeds. Further, India is second in global production of fruits and vegetables, and is the largest producer of mango and banana. It also has the highest productivity of grapes in the world.
Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Agriculture continues to play a dominant part in the overall economic scenario of India. India exports excess food and agricultural products. A large proportion of India’s export trade is based on the agricultural products. Agriculture is the basic occupation for majority of main-workers in India. A large number of rural women are also engaged in agriculture.
A though this sector faces lots of problems regarding like they receive low prices of their crops, inadequate supply of modern techniques, provision of credit facilities, basic infrastructure and agriculture research facilities.
To overcome on this problem Siddhivinayak Group keeping our social responsibilities in mind take small intiative by entering aggressively. Our founder Mr. Kundan Dhake taking inspiration from his parents who already belongs from farmers family well known about problems facing by farmers decided to form own company that makes initialization & brings revolutionary effects in agricultural sector.

Orange City Beverages

  • Orangecity Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is our franchise of Parle Agro Product Ltd. Located at a city of oranges – Nagpur.
  • Parle Agro dominates the bottled water and beverages industry with its skyrocketing annual turnover of more than Rs.10 billion. The company has been witnessing swift growth. Today  Parle Agro is quenching the thirst and refreshing taste buds of countless with their bottled mineral water and variety of peppy drinks.
  • We, at Orangecity Beverages Pvt. Ltd., possess a completely automatic and efficient Parle Bottling Plant which stretches across 3.5 acres.
  • The plant is well-equipped with reliable and adept machines for filling, capping, labeling and packaging beverages.
  • Orangecity Beverages Pvt. Ltd. distributes products in North Karnataka, Part of Madhya Pradesh and Marathwada and Vidarbh in Maharashtra.

We offer following Parle Agro products:

  • Frooti (logo)
  • Appy (logo)
  • Grappo (logo)
  • Bailley soda (logo)
  • Bailley water (Give a logo)

Biotech Dairy Farms Pvt Ltd.

Siddhivinayak Group planning of exceptional project & will be taken support of foreign companies to get latest & updated techniques for dairy farms & related activities.

In current scenario dairy industry experts including research institutions and financial agencies are strongly recommending the usage biotechnology in the dairy industry. The exclusivity of this project promises many positive changes in the dairy sector. The technology-driven nature and mostly automated structure of the project makes it different from other dairy farm projects. Unlike a typical dairy farm, we are not only involved in procuring, processing and marketing milk, but we are also undertaking dairy activities from scratch such as animal rearing and milk production.