The founder of the group Mr.Kundan Dhake is born in Khandesh. Khandesh is a well known region for its prehistoric and rich heritage. Its culture is not only ancient but also multifaceted. Many communities are happily residing in the lap of this region.

As an comman man he is also attached with his society, religion & his peoples. Apart from his successful journey of business he always felt that he have some documentation regarding his society,religious peoples, his culture & heritage.

‘Levashakti’ (monthly magazine) has come in existence in 31’st January 2016 to fulfill this backlog. Levashakti has characterized by Attractive way of Drafting, Selection of Superior Quality Subjects, Fair justice to all factors in society & homogeneity of all branches of community. The progressive walking like this ‘Levashakti’ got respectfull place by its community reside in all over Maharashtra/India. Of course we got lots of feedback from all branches of society. Levashakti will be available on electronic media also

Nowdays through the medium of ‘Levashakti Sakhi Manch’ the Ladies group of leva patidar has formed & through this manch various activities has been already conducted at various locations in Maharashtra such as Drawing Competition, Cooking Competition,Yoga Week held in through out the year. This Group is helpful for womens to get united & given exposure to their hidden talents.