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Before megastores & hypermarkets drowned the whims of the individual in a sea of mass-produced goods, customization was how we purchased just about everything. From getting clothes designed and tailored to our measurements, to commissioning furniture and decor to be made with precision for our homes – the art of bespoke was woven into the threads of our lives… Icustommadeit was founded on the belief that standardized products cannot fit differentiated lives. Just as you were created unique, so should be your products. We want to bring the romance back into your shopping experiences! We handpick choicest of artists, creators, designers and artisans, present them on a world-class platform and connect with buyers who covet things that go beyond the ordinary. Icustommadeit is a marketplace to buy and sell exceptional, one-of-a-kind products across a myriad of product categories.

‘icustommadeit’ was founded on the belief that customization is the core of any merchandise today. In May 2012 Mr.Kundan Dhake-The founder of Siddhivinayak Group dreamt of creating an online marketplace that is driven by the lust of replica watches beautiful and innovative personalization and run on entrepreneurial ethos. We get our kicks from creating and retailing beautiful, iconic stuff which is more Special and more You!

Why ‘icustommadeit’?

You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers. The customers perception is not their reality. So the buyers wistfully accept the limited editions and end up paying a bomb!

In a world of stereotypes, icustommadeit is connecting the replica watches uk world at large to the creativity of the individual. With the mindset to help buyers and professional creators make serendipitous discoveries, we are offering the finest quality custom products, in an ever-expanding array of categories.

At icustommadeit, it starts with an idea and ends with a lasting smile. Well, so the idea of the buyers are churned to perfection by avid merchants of all kinds, evaluated by the customers at every level and delivered with nothing but love.

Our twin marketplace is irresistible both for bespoke sellers and one-of-a-kind shopaholics. The browsing experience guides buyers to create the product that’s perfect for their tastes. And don’t forget: No rules prevent you from having bizarre ideas. icustommadeit, is having a blast creating both the tools and the swiss replica watches marketplace for anything you can imagine – customized. And if you’re selling custom-made merchandise, you almost certainly need to be on icustommadeit. After all, what business -big or small doesn’t want to “Go Global”?