Quality of Infraprojects- a crucial determinant for the quality of an enterprice


Think swank n style – Think Techno – logy
Speak of Automation and think of the Siddhivinayak group’s Infra Projects automation which has notched a distinct position for itself in the industry. Keen on developing machines that keep abreast of technology, Infra Projects owns a strong hold in the field of machine designing and automation.

Among a slew of steps taken by us in staying ahead with quality are: staying in sync with innovation in technology, adapting to positive technological changes and continuing research to achieve growth. And of course, our virtuosity lies in the complete automation of our existing machines.

Think of excellent engineering and pause to think of Infra Projects automation solutions. Catering to a perfect unsurpassed blend in engineering skills and technology, we have been capable of achieving all our meticulously planned goals in the realm of technological processes and innovations in the field. In truth, the systems that we have can serve to fulfill most of the industry automation demands. And this to be afforded at competitive pricing, fast deliveries and customer care that is organized to a high degree.

Custom fits is what we do

Speak of yet another feather tucked in our cap, but we need to mention that our automation solutions are wholly custom designed, custom manufactured and installed to meet custom specifications. Covering a host of industry verticals as in metal, wood, packaging, food and beverages, plastics, material handling and textiles, Infra Project automation caters to Factory Automation systems – FAS, Process Automation Systems, Retrofit Business, Energy Conservation and Monitoring systems.

Factory Automation System (FAS)

  • Based on PLCs, Thyristor Drives, Variable Frequency Drives, Operator interfaces, PC based MMI's
  • Control System for Automation of:

    • Standard machines
    • SPM's
    • Material Handling
    • Assembly Lines
    • Cranes
    • Pneumatic Conveying
    • Plastic Injection Moulding
    • Compressor, Pumps, Fans etc

Process Automation System (PAS)

  • Based on PLC's, DCS, Controllers, Transmitters, Recorders, Indicators, Annunciators, I/P converters, Control Valves
  • Parameters can range from Temperature, Pressure level, and Flow
  • Control System for Automation of:
    • Chemical Reactors
    • Rotary Kilns
    • Boilers
    • Batch Plants
    • Furnaces & Ovens
    • Food Processing

Application Areas

Retrofit Business

‘Custom made’ seemingly is the one crucial parameter running seamlessly into all our business lines. And so it is with also our Retrofit business line. It all depends on what our valuable customers desire. From the modification of existing devices to their modernization. A task that’s undertaken via integration with the existing systems at the customer’s base according to their specifications at that.

For our retrofit solutions are sophisticated. Indeed Retrofit automation is the perfect answer for all operations and production control systems.

Energy Conservation and Monitoring System

Ever wondered as to how you could go about conserving energy and monitoring your systems? Then Infra Projects has a battery of energy saving products that promise great returns on investment. And what’s more? Our in house stalwarts would only be too happy to offer guidance with smart energy saving options with assurances of visible positive outcomes.

Infra Projects

What are the essentials that go into good planning and good designing? Given that it’s a brick and mortar industrial plant that comes to stand high upon a design. Add to this the essential Infra projects that goes to verily becoming the bed rock of the industrial plant. And thus if it’s the Infra projects of a plant that supports all the basic business operations. It’s needless to say that all basic amenities as in air conditioning including heating, cooling and ventilation, drainage systems, electricity, water supply and lighting are to be taken care of while establishing a manufacturing or processing plant. The natural corollary then is that Planning and Designing are of prime importance before one goes ahead with the commissioning of an industrial facility. Welcome to the House of Globe Tech Infra Projects that has all that it takes to serve the infrastructural needs of an enterprise.

Talk of exceptional planning and designing which is a vital parameter hard wired into our system. Tucked in with structure, fire safety, resistance to weather and ground water, sanitary accommodation, stairs, ramps and guarding and conservation of fuel and power. In fact, our experts have the knowhow and the experience in taking forward well planned and practical structure designs.

From devising a good model and taking it forward to the actual establishment. From there on to operations in making the facility run efficiently, our House works with single minded dedication towards customer requirements. And this is done, while keeping in mind the many odds that could come up between completion of a project and its maintenance.

If Infraprojectsis key to setting up a business, we abide by our trusted name in ‘Quality’. What we offer is the whole package in our Infraprojectsprojects. And we provide for whatever it is that our esteemed client wants.

If what a client desires is the development of their industrial plant then our expert gurus could set it up for them as per their specifications on a land provided by them. Or, if what they desire lies in acquiring the most beneficial location after taking into account the nature and requirements of their business, then the House of Infra Projects can cater to this as well. In truth, what we cater to is in designing and developing the dreams of our customers, trailing along with the assured stamp of Trust and Quality.